Parties and Events

Parties - Special Events

Organising the films is our job. When it comes to throwing parties – which is at least as important – we once again have three Hamburg party gangs whose job is to tempt you irresistibly on to the dancefloors. On every Saturday in October you can dance and flirt before and after the film festival week. Thank you to all event organisers for this wonderful support programme. There is no excuse not to be here, there and everywhere!

Saturday, 7th October
from 10.30 pm
DARE! The 80s club for gays and friends

Nachtasyl in Thalia Theater, Alstertor

Saturday, 14th October
from 10.00 pm

Fundbureau, Stresemannstr. 114

DJs: Hans Kellett (Princessin Hans), HighD & ShyD, Miss van Biss & Julie Wood, Eva Gallo, ESSHAR, Didine van der Platenvlotbrug

Saturday, 28th October
from 10.00 pm

Komet (cellar), Erichstraße 11

DJ: Al-eX Plush anderS (Berlin)


Guest Programmes

A selection of Turkish short films from Ankara’s Pink Life QueerFest.

The jury member Esra Özban will be attending.

Metropolis, Wednesday, 18th October, 5.30pm



These five Thai queer films explore the place of queer bodies in a society that simultaneously accepts their bodies within certain controlled scenarios, while rejecting their existence as a whole.

The jury member Nontawat Numbenchapol and one of the directors, Natchanon Vana, will be attending.

Metropolis, Friday, 20th October, 10.30pm

“Queer Cinema”: Book Presentation with Guests
Queer Cinema - Book Presentation

Publishers Dagmar Brunow and Simon Dickel introduce the first German language queer film studies anthology in conversation with Monika Treut, Jan Künemund, Daniel Kulle, Robin Saalfeld, and surprise guests. Featuring classics from Barbara Hammer and B. Ruby Rich, as well as interviews with directors Monika Treut and Angelina Maccarone and original work from Cheryl Dunye, Jim Hubbard, Elahe Haschemi Yekani, Henriette Gunkel, Chris Tedjasukmana and Skadi Loist, “Queer Cinema” will be released in the autumn of 2017. The discussion will be held in German. Free entry.

Metropolis, Friday, 20th October, 3.30pm

Special Programme – A Tribute to Diane Torr
Special - Diane Torr

The festival is showing two films as a tribute to the performance artist and ”Man for a Day“, Diane Torr, who died in Glasgow in May 2017. Torr strove to “question what is considered a given. In the course of constructing another identity, one instantly sees other possibilities of being.”

“Venuz Boy” (2002)

3001 Kino, Friday, 20th October, 10.30pm

“The Undergrad” (2003)

Monika Treut will offer a short introduction to the film and following the screening, discuss the concept of “gender-bending” throughout film history with Dagmar Brunow.

B-Movie, Saturday, 21st October, 8.15pm


The Week After (Die Woche Danach)

Extra time! It has not yet been decided which of your favourite films will make the second round, but the show will go on. We wouldn’t dream of releasing you back into everyday life without a small cinematic cushion! You will find out precisely which films will be repeated in the week after just before and during the festival, in the cinemas, in the newsletter and online at

Metropolis, Thursday, 26th October, 9.15pm
Metropolis, Friday, 27th October, 7.00pm and 9.15pm

Aftershock (Nachbeben) – a small Short Film Festival!

We would be nothing without our helpers. To give a special thanks to all who have supported us before, during and after the film festival, we would like to invite you to a final “do” – the Nachbeben (Aftershock). And of course anyone who hasn’t yet had enough of the festival can also come along. As well as the super thank-you-hangout at the Metropolis Bar, there will be an exquisite programme with festival highlights on screen.

Metropolis, Saturday, 4th November, 9.15pm
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